If you’re looking for a DIY security system, the Nest line of products is a serious consideration.  Outdoor security cameras, indoor security cameras, smart fire detectors, doorbell cameras, smart thermostat, smart alarms…Nest offers some of the most high tech security products around. They are all controlled via the Nest Aware app, which is a must if you have even some of the Nest products. The Nest Aware app is your one-stop for control of all Nest and Nest compatible products. It will send you alerts if something triggers its detection systems. You can view all information from your Nest security system on it, including video, and can control the settings through it as well. If you opt to subscribe to the Nest Aware service, you’ll receive ‘intelligent alerts’, which can distinguish between people and things as well as voices and background noise. You’ll also be able to create ‘familiar face alerts’, so Nest Aware will tell you if you’re seeing people you know or if it’s looking at a stranger. You can create activity zones to highlight important areas and receive special alerts when something is detected there. These features will help eliminate false motion alerts, which is always a concern with a self-monitored security camera system. This service allows for 10 days or 30 days of continuous video to be stored in a cloud, which is nice because it allows you to be able to have evidence of a break-in. You can turn parts of this video history into clips, allowing you to easily give it to the police—or capture weird, funny, or striking moments for viewing by friends and family. You can go backward and forward through the video stored in the cloud. If you want, you can also view a time-lapse of the day, providing you a summary of the day. A lot of thought has been put into the app. It’s easy and intuitive to use. You’ll find that many DIY home security system apps tend to have challenges with English, have an awkward user interface, or suffer from severe glitches because they’ve been put out quickly and cheaply, but Nest Aware does not have this problem. Setup is often smooth and when it isn’t, Nest has some solid customer service. Nest Aware turns your home into a smart home. If you’re considering using Nest products, it really is something you should subscribe to. Nest Aware ties everything together into one smooth package that works together with few if any hitches. If you’re going to subscribe to Nest Aware, you will have to pay. It costs $10 a month for 10 days of cloud storage with all the features we’ve described, for a total of $100 a year. To get 30 days of cloud storage, you’ll have to pay $30 a month ($300 a year). While not cheap, it’s not the most expensive bill. It’s worth noting that Nest systems are not cheap in the first place. Nest is not the most budget-friendly option for a DIY security system. There are a number of comparable services out there with different brands, like NetGear Arlo and Logi Circle, which offer free cloud storage. The additional, high tech features are really what set Nest Aware apart. Whether or not they are worth it will determine if Nest Aware is for you. If you’re seriously thinking about purchasing Nest security systems for its other features, Nest Aware is a must. If you’re still shopping around, consider it (and its price) when you make your final decision.

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