Solar powered security lights are a great solution for your home security system. Having lights with motion security can help keep your home safer, letting anyone who comes onto your property know that someone is somehow aware of them.

Of course, the challenge of security lights with motions sensors is powering them. This is why solar powered motion lights are a great solution. You don’t have to dig up portions of your yard or lay wires anywhere. They are powered by the sun instead, making them really great for anyone who lives somewhere with a reasonable amount of sun during the day. No wires required!

Of course, this has its drawbacks. In the winters or during cloudy days, the lights may have issues getting enough sun to work well. If you want to be surer that the lights will work consistently, or you live in a place that frequently doesn’t get that much sun, you may want to look into wired motions sensor lights instead.

Here is a list of the best solar powered motion security lights. Take a look and see if any of them are a good fit for your home and environment.

Solar Lights Motion Sensor Outdoor by OPERNEE

Double Spotlights 12 LED Solar Powered Dual head 360 Degree Rotatable Security Light for Patio Porch Deck Yard Garden Garage Driveway Outsides Wall

This solar powered motion lights can be mounted in a variety of places, since they are spotlights. You can rotate them wherever you like thanks to their flexible base. They will run between 9 and 11 hours after a regular day of sunlight. They have 6 LED 50 lumen lights in each spotlight. They are waterproof and weatherproof.


  • They have excellent customer service for these lights. They go out of their way to answer questions and respond to any issues. Replacement shipping happens quickly.
  • The flexibility of the mountain options for these solar powered security lights opens up a lot of options for where to place them.
  • The motion detector has a very long range.


  • The light does turn off at 60 seconds, which may too short for some.
  • Sometimes they come with issues and don’t work well shortly after being installed, but the excellent customer service usually gives you a good replacement right away.


These are some great spotlights if you prefer their bright illumination. Their flexible and versatile mounting options are great if you want different options for light placement. Getting more than one set will cost you, but they work very well and have some great customer service. The occasional out-of-the-box issues can be annoying, though.